Here are some design ideas Eric has developed:

Proposal for a cathedral for the finnish orthodox church in Helsinki, Finland

The design intent for this proposal included an attempt to incorporate traditional design elements of the Orthodox Church configuration with modern aesthetics and new construction methods.  The shape was formed by particle generation in Maya software. Rhino software was used to turn the shell into strips that rotated 360 degrees as they run from the base to the top of the structure.  These strips would be constructed of custom-formed laminated timber panels that represent a type of transparency–literally turning the church inside-out as they ascend.

Proposal for a self-shading residence with steel construction in santa monica, california

The design brief for this project included the use of steel for the structural system.  Eric investigated the potential for solar control using shading and a movable exterior wall system.  Another innovative idea was the use of submerged photovoltaic panels, allowing on-site power generation and reflected natural up-lighting.

proposal for a mixed-use building in Los Angeles, california

This project explored the feasibility of micro-units placed within a hexagonal system.

proposal for a theater disctrict in los angeles, california

This was a proposal for a new theater district taking up a city block in Los Angeles.  The proposal includes two theaters, residential units, and retail development.

proposal for a high-speed rail station in los angeles, california

This was a proposal to expand the existing Union Station in Los Angeles to accommodate a new high-speed rail system.  One of the design intents was to provide views of the city from each of the three platforms.